About Us

Companies and Offices, a.s. was established in 2011 and operates in Prague and Brno.

When we created it, we set ourselves the goal of founding a company s.r.o. tailor-made and offer their sale with perfect legal service at the lowest prices and with a quality registered office.

Our great advantage is that the real estate in which we provide the services of the registered office of the company registered in the Commercial Register and access to the office for your actions are owned by our parent company DEOS SYSTEMS SE. Our clients, therefore, have the certainty of stability of their company’s registered office.

Now, in 2023, when we celebrate 12 years of our existence, we see that we have achieved our goals. We have established almost 1,000 s.r.o. companies for our clients and hundreds of clients use our services to provide the company’s registered office.