What is a ready-made company?

Ready-made is a company, Ltd. in our case, which we established by the Notarial Deed, which we registered with an unqualified trade and paid the registered capital fully. You can conveniently and at any time verify the existence and setting of each of our ready-made companies in the Business Register here: https://or.justice.cz/ias/ui/rejstrik-$firma

In the Book of Documents on the justice website, you can also find entered the Memorandum in the form of Notarial Deed, where you can read the entire structure setting of the particular ready-made company. The ready-made company has an active data box, too. However, it does not perform any activity, has no business history, no receivables nor debts, and is waiting for the assignment of share to a new associate – future businessman (or businesswoman 😊).



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